Matthew and Evelyn – Engaged!

This last week I had to opportunity to do an engagement session with a wonderful couple! I’ve known Matthew through church and his family since he was in high school, and to say that I was excited when they contacted me to take their photos is putting it mildly! I adore this family, and am so excited to contribute to Matthew and Evelyn’s special day!

Evelyn met Matthew when his mother hired her to work in their office. Little did she know she was hiring her son’s future wife! These two are so sweet, and so obviously in love, I had a seriously hard time picking just a couple images for their engagement sneak peek. It was hard, but here’s your Sneak Peek of your engagement session Matt and Evelyn! I can’t wait to help you celebrate the beginning of your life together! Enjoy!

Yup… that’s me…

scouting location


While not the most flattering picture of me… I’ve got to love the fact that my hubby doesn’t care. To him, this is me doing what I love! While I’m usually much more put together than this, some days I’m better off with more durable clothing for wading through nature (even if it’s nature where least expected). Last night was no exception as I wandered through Lake Las Vegas finding new spots for sessions.

I think of all my endeavors, the photography tickles my family the most as I’m an incredibly girly girl who isn’t too fond of dirt, getting dirty, or hiking of any kind… give me a dance studio any day and I’m ecstatic. But my sensibilities don’t really matter when it comes to this. Hopefully, that means great moments on film. 😀

What do you do that may be outside what would be considered “normal” for you?


Slide Collage

As we “slide” into the Summer of 2013, I find that my days have more in them. Namely, my children. While I have more sessions booked for engagements and family photos, I find I’m looking forward more to pictures I’ll be taking of my own children as we enjoy their time off and our increased family time together. I don’t know how many “other” projects I’ll get done (i.e. jewelry, crochet, etc.) but I know my memory cards will constantly be full.

What are you looking forward to this summer? What would you like to see here?