Monday Mishaps – The Butt Dial…


Okay, so I figure you can’t get through life without a little humor. And since I don’t like to make fun of someone … unless they’re thinking it’s funny too… I figured I’d put myself out there for the laughter and to remind us all… don’t take yourself so seriously!

Every Monday (hopefully) I’ll put up a post about some mishap I may have had over the last week… or one that I remembered from before that. Hopefully, they’ll give you the laugh (after the fact) that they gave me… Or they’ll serve as a “Gee, I probably shouldn’t do that” reminder! So, here goes:

Have you ever thought, “Oh, I’ll just tuck my phone back here in this pocket! It’ll be out of the way, and I’ll feel it if it vibrates.”? Come on, you know you have! I think anyone with a cell phone has. You tuck that phone away, because you don’t have the hands for it, or you just need a handy place to put it while your hands are busy elsewhere… I’m here to say that may not always be your best choice. 😀

This past weekend I was in the middle of an engagement session when it happened. Normally, I’d turn my phone off, but my hubby was working, and I needed my phone available for my kids. There I was… sitting on the side of a hill… and I shifted just enough to activate my phone. Hilarity ensued, but I wasn’t aware of it until much much later. I knew my phone had pressed a few buttons, but I thought I’d caught it quick enough before it dialed. Nope. I had butt-dialed my cousin and his wife later told me that they got garbled sounds… then what sounded to them like, “SHUT YOUR FACE!” Since I’d never say that to a photography client… unless it was my sister… I know that’s not what I said, but I can’t for the life of me remember what exactly I DID say! This isn’t the first time something like this has happened to our family:

My husband once hip-dialed me from work. I could hear him in the background and thought he had put me on a sort of hold while dealing with a customer. Nope, the phone was in his pocket and he WAS in fact talking to a customer (he was a store manager of a major paint company at that time). I wasn’t sure of this one my end, however, and proceeded to say loudly, “HELLOOOOO! CAN YOU HEAR ME?!” At this point, all my husband hears is a voice coming from below his belt… and with his sense of humor it became even funnier because he looked suitably horrified that his crotch was talking to him…

Needless to say, he knew the customers who thought it was funny, and I’m glad I didn’t butt-dial a brand new client of mine. Although, family may never let me live it down… I think from now on, I’ll tuck my phone into my camera bag, if I need it at all. 😀