Yarn Works ~ Crochet Ruffle Coin Purse

I do it all the time… I can’t be the only one. I constantly destroy store-bought coin purses. I finally decided I would make one of my own and went on a search for ideas for a crochet or sewn coin purse. It would just depend on what I really felt like doing. A few weeks ago, I came across a picture of a full-size ruffled purse made of soft yarn. While pretty, it wasn’t quite what I was looking for… close though. I decided to play around with the idea and started to work on a pattern for a ruffled coin purse made with mercerized cotton crochet thread.

After several false starts where I ripped out the stitches and started all over… okay, it was five times. I finally came up with what I was going to do. So my current project right now is only a few rows into it, but it’s finally starting to look like what was in my head. If it works out like I’m hoping/thinking it will, I’ll be adding it to my shop. I’ll post another picture and update when it’s either finally done with lining or when I have another spot to post crochet into. What do you think?

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