AWOL – Only … NOT

Alright, my long-suffering followers (if any of y’all are still out there). I know I’ve been MIA for a while now, and I can’t guarantee it won’t happen again. I have some pretty serious health issues having to do with my heart and a few other things, that are pretty much kicking my butt. I spend most of my days lying down in bed or sleeping.

So, I most likely will be coming and going. But I have a lot to share with y’all. Been crocheting up a storm when I’m not sleeping or reading anything. I’ve got several “project” bags going right now, but they’re all coming along fine. Of course the ones for me are on the back burner, lol. I promise to post some pictures of my latest finished crochet projects and some photo sessions that I’ve managed despite chronic fatigue and all around feelings of bleh. Just wanted y’all to know I didn’t forget about ya.

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